Application Loader stuck at “Authenticating with the iTunes store” when uploading an iOS app

This only started happening to me today (May 2017) and no answers in this thread solved my issue. The resolution for me was from here; Open Terminal. Change to home directory, cd ~ Move the current transporter directory, mv .itmstransporter/ .old_itmstransporter/ Invoke the following file to let Transporter update itself. “/Applications/” Wait till … Read more

Is there a way since (iOS 7’s release) to get the UDID without using iTunes on a PC/Mac?

Navigate to from Safari on your iOS device. It works like a charm and requires neither iTunes nor any other computer. No app installed either. EDIT: Also, have a look at Getting a device UDID from .mobileconfig if you (understandably) would rather have this .mobileconfig certificate hosted on a server of yours. MAKE YOUR … Read more

ITunes review URL and iOS 7 (ask user to rate our app) AppStore show a blank page

Starting with iOS7 the URL has changed and cannot direct for the review page but only to the app itms-apps:// Where APP_ID need to be replaced with your Application ID. Based on the App ID from the question it would be the following itms-apps:// Notice the id in front of the number … that string … Read more

How can I pass an argument to a PowerShell script?

Tested as working: #Must be the first statement in your script (not coutning comments) param([Int32]$step=30) $iTunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application if ($iTunes.playerstate -eq 1) { $iTunes.PlayerPosition = $iTunes.PlayerPosition + $step } Call it with powershell.exe -file itunesForward.ps1 -step 15 Multiple parameters syntax (comments are optional, but allowed): <# Script description. Some notes. #> param ( … Read more

‘Missing recommended icon file – The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod Touch of exactly ‘120×120′ pixels, in .png format’

If you get an icon error when submitting an application from Xcode9, or if you cannot see app icon on your simulator as well as a device, just update your cocoapods to the latest version in your project. That issue is a bug in Xcode9 with cocoapods. There’s a new guideline for iPhoneX that can … Read more