How to solve “Application failed codesign verification” when uploading to iTunes Connect?

I found the solution to this problem after deeply looking at the log file. Although I created my own Distribution Profile and assigned to the CODE SIGNING IDENTITY the correct value for the developer certificate, it didn’t work giving me an error: “Application failed codesign verification”. The problem is at the following line: Authority=iPhone Developer: … Read more

change app name in App Store

If you have already created the new version in ITC, you can edit your apps name with the following steps: In iTunes Connect, click your app and you will see versions at the bottom of the page, click “View Details” of your updated version (e.g. 1.1). Then click “Edit” next to “Metadate and Upoads” In … Read more

Get itunes link for app before submitting

The manual way: Your should copy your “Apple ID” from iTunes connect and use this link: Would open the US store (“APPNAME” is that app name and XXXXXXXXX is the “Apple ID”. You can use more general method (Recommended): and replace “XXXXXXXXX” with your “Apple ID” (from iTunes connect – after creating the … Read more