How to generate 11 char hash key for Sms Retriever with Google App signing

Here is the complete step by step guide . Go to play console -> open app -> Release management -> App Signing -> Download Certificate . Like in below screen shot This will give you deployment_cert.der file Convert the deployment_cert.der file to a .jks file use below command keytool -importcert -alias YOUR_ALIAS -file deployment_cert.der -keystore … Read more

How to pass argument to Makefile from command line?

You probably shouldn’t do this; you’re breaking the basic pattern of how Make works. But here it is: action: @echo action $(filter-out $@,$(MAKECMDGOALS)) %: # thanks to chakrit @: # thanks to William Pursell EDIT: To explain the first command, $(MAKECMDGOALS) is the list of “targets” spelled out on the command line, e.g. “action value1 … Read more