Rotating image. Animation list or animated rotate? (Android)

Rotate drawable suggested by Praveen won’t give you control of frame count. Let’s assume you want to implement a custom loader which consists from 8 sections: Using animation-list approach, you need to create 8 frames rotated by 45*frameNumber degrees manually. Alternatively, you can use 1st frame and set rotation animation to it: File res/anim/progress_anim.xml: <?xml … Read more

How To Sync CSS Animations Across Multiple Elements?

I don’t think its possible natively, but you can actually hack similar functionality by using a bouncing wrapper and some position altering html: <div id=”bouncywrap”> <div id=”bouncy01″>Drip</div> <div id=”bouncy02″>droP</div> <div> CSS: @-webkit-keyframes bounce { 0% { padding-top:1px;} /* using padding as it does not affect position:relative of sublinks * using 0 instead of 0 b/c … Read more

Restore pre-iOS7 UINavigationController pushViewController animation

I managed to workaround the new transition type by creating a category for UINavigationController. In my case I needed to revert it to the old transition style because I have transparent viewControllers that slide over a static background. UINavigationController+Retro.h @interface UINavigationController (Retro) – (void)pushViewControllerRetro:(UIViewController *)viewController; – (void)popViewControllerRetro; @end UINavigationController+Retro.m #import “UINavigationController+Retro.h” @implementation UINavigationController (Retro) – … Read more

Animating UILabel Font Size Change

You can change the size and font of your UILabel with animation like below .. here I just put the example of how to change the font of UILabel with transform Animation .. yourLabel.font = [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:35]; // set font size which you want instead of 35 yourLabel.transform = CGAffineTransformScale(yourLabel.transform, 0.35, 0.35); [UIView animateWithDuration:1.0 animations:^{ … Read more

Is setInterval() and setTimeout() bad things to do in modern jQuery animations?

In general setInterval == BAD and setTimeout == GOOD for animations. setInterval will try play catchup, as nnnnnn stated: some browsers may queue everything and then try to catch up when your tab gets focus again You best method for looping animate() is by calling recursively, for example: var myTimeout; var myAnimation = function () … Read more