How to play CSS3 transitions in a loop?

CSS transitions only animate from one set of styles to another; what you’re looking for is CSS animations. You need to define the animation keyframes and apply it to the element: @keyframes changewidth { from { width: 100px; } to { width: 300px; } } div { animation-duration: 0.1s; animation-name: changewidth; animation-iteration-count: infinite; animation-direction: alternate; … Read more

Widget “flip” behavior in Core Animation/Cocoa

Mike Lee has an implementation of the flip effect for which he has released some sample code. (Unfortunately, this is no longer available online, but Drew McCormack built off of that in his own implementation.) It appears that he grabs the layers for the “background” and “foreground” views to be swapped, uses a CATransform3D to … Read more

Fastest available algorithm for distance transform

This paper reviews the known exact distance transform algorithms: “2D Euclidean distance transform algorithms: A comparative survey” The fastest exact distance transform is from Meijster: “A General Algorithm for Computing Distance Transforms in Linear Time.” The design of the algorithm is particularly well suited for parallel calculation. This is implemented in my open … Read more

Generate Json schema from XML schema (XSD) [closed]

Disclaimer: I am the author of Jsonix, a powerful open-source XML<->JSON JavaScript mapping library. Today I’ve released the new version of the Jsonix Schema Compiler, with the new JSON Schema generation feature. Let’s take the Purchase Order schema for example. Here’s a fragment: <xsd:element name=”purchaseOrder” type=”PurchaseOrderType”/> <xsd:complexType name=”PurchaseOrderType”> <xsd:sequence> <xsd:element name=”shipTo” type=”USAddress”/> <xsd:element name=”billTo” type=”USAddress”/> … Read more

Can the resulting command line be determined after running an .msi installer?

Yes, it sounds like you need to create a response transform (MST). A lot of the tools linked to above are premium tools (not worth paying for a response transform!!) but I used this a while ago (this tool is free) and it seemed to work well: Once you create your response transform with … Read more

how to transform comma separated column into multiples rows in db2

You really should not be storing data like this. Fortunately, there is a way to undo the damage with recursive SQL, something along these lines: WITH unpivot (lvl, id, fk_ref, reference, tail) AS ( SELECT 1, id, fk_ref, CASE WHEN LOCATE(‘,’,reference) > 0 THEN TRIM(LEFT(reference, LOCATE(‘,’,reference)-1)) ELSE TRIM(reference) END, CASE WHEN LOCATE(‘,’,reference) > 0 THEN … Read more

How to force re-render after a WebKit 3D transform in Safari

The reason why the text is blurry is because Webkit is treating the text as an image, I guess it’s the price of being hardware accelerated. I’m assuming you are using transitions or animation keyframes in your ui, otherwise the performance gains are negligible and you should switch to non-3d transforms. You can either: • … Read more

CSS3 transform order matters: rightmost operation first

Yes, the first operation done is the one the most on the right., i.e. here operation2 is done before operation1. This MDN article states indeed: The transform functions are multiplied in order from left to right, meaning that composite transforms are effectively applied in order from right to left. Here is the documentation : … Read more