SwiftUI Line Graph Animation using Vector Arithmetic

Why do you want to avoid Metal? Enabling its support is as easy as wrapping your LineGraphShapes into Group and modifying it with a drawingGroup(). Try it out: … Group { let gradient = LinearGradient( gradient: Gradient(colors: [Color.red, Color.blue]), startPoint: .leading, endPoint: .trailing ) LineGraphShape(points: points[selectedPointType], closePath: true) .fill(gradient) LineGraphShape(points: points[selectedPointType], closePath: false) .stroke( gradient, … Read more

how to do a simple scaling animation and why isn’t this working?

Here is possible approach (based on AnimatableModifier). Actually it demonstrates how current animation end can be detected, and performed something – in this case, for your scaling scenario, just initiate reversing. Simplified & modified your example struct TestReversingScaleAnimation: View { @State var scaleImage : CGFloat = 1 var body: some View { VStack { Button(“Start … Read more

SwiftUI: Broken explicit animations in NavigationView?

Here is fixed part (another my answer with explanations is here). Tested with Xcode 12 / iOS 14. struct EscapingAnimationTest_Inner: View { @State var degrees: CGFloat = 0 var body: some View { Circle() .trim(from: 0.0, to: 0.3) .stroke(Color.red, lineWidth: 5) .rotationEffect(Angle(degrees: Double(degrees))) .animation(Animation.linear(duration: 1).repeatForever(autoreverses: false), value: degrees) .onAppear() { DispatchQueue.main.async { // << here … Read more

css3 animation on :hover; force entire animation

I’m afraid that the only way to solve this is with a bit of javascript, you must add the animation as a class and then remove it when the animation finishes. $(“.box”).bind(“webkitAnimationEnd mozAnimationEnd animationend”, function(){ $(this).removeClass(“animated”) }) $(“.box”).hover(function(){ $(this).addClass(“animated”); }) http://jsfiddle.net/u7vXT/