How do I capture a key press (or keydown) event on a div element?

(1) Set the tabindex attribute: <div id=”mydiv” tabindex=”0″ /> (2) Bind to keydown: $(‘#mydiv’).on(‘keydown’, function(event) { //console.log(event.keyCode); switch(event.keyCode){ //….your actions for the keys ….. } }); To set the focus on start: $(function() { $(‘#mydiv’).focus(); }); To remove – if you don’t like it – the div focus border, set outline: none in the CSS. … Read more

Include html in another html file [duplicate]

Method 1: I think it would be best way to include an html content/file into another html file using jQuery. You can simply include the jQuery.js and load the HTML file using $(“#DivContent”).load(“yourFile.html”); For example <html> <head> <script src=””></script> <script> $(function(){ $(“#DivContent”).load(“another_file.html”); }); </script> </head> <body> <div id=”DivContent”></div> </body> </html> Method 2: There are no … Read more

How to show hidden divs on mouseover?

If the divs are hidden, they will never trigger the mouseover event. You will have to listen to the event of some other unhidden element. You can consider wrapping your hidden divs into container divs that remain visible, and then act on the mouseover event of these containers. <div style=”width: 80px; height: 20px; background-color: red;” … Read more

Why don’t changes to jQuery $ update the corresponding html 5 data-* attributes?

Normally, there’s not a need for roundtripping .data()‘s if you’re consistent in using .data() to access/set/modify data on DOM elements. For that reason, it makes sense to avoid the performance overhead of accessing the DOM for every .data() set/modify operation (.data() stores its values in jQuery.cache internally). If you want to force the roundtrip behavior … Read more

customize highcharts tooltip to show datetime

You can use moment.js to get the values formatted, but Highcharts has it’s own date formatting functionality which would be more idiomatic with Highcharts. It can be attached onto the tooltip option in the highcharts constructor like so: tooltip: { formatter: function() { return ‘<b>’ + +'</b><br/>’ + Highcharts.dateFormat(‘%e – %b – %Y’, new … Read more