Toggle “Break when an exception is thrown.” using macro or keyboard shortcut

Very similar to the other answer, but there is a special ExceptionSetting for the group.

Dim dbg As EnvDTE90.Debugger3 = DTE.Debugger
Dim exSettings As EnvDTE90.ExceptionSettings = dbg.ExceptionGroups.Item("Common Language Runtime Exceptions")
Dim exSetting As EnvDTE90.ExceptionSetting
    exSetting = exSettings.Item("Common Language Runtime Exceptions")
Catch ex As COMException
    If ex.ErrorCode = -2147352565 Then
        exSetting = exSettings.NewException("Common Language Runtime Exceptions", 0)
    End If
End Try

If exSetting.BreakWhenThrown Then
    exSettings.SetBreakWhenThrown(False, exSetting)
    exSettings.SetBreakWhenThrown(True, exSetting)
End If

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