How to return a custom 404 Not Found page using FastAPI?

Update A more elegant solution would be to use a custom exception handler, passing the status code of the exception you would like to handle, as shown below: from fastapi.responses import RedirectResponse from fastapi.exceptions import HTTPException @app.exception_handler(404) async def not_found_exception_handler(request: Request, exc: HTTPException): return RedirectResponse(‘’) or, use the exception_handlers parameter of the FastAPI class like … Read more

How do I create a directory, and any missing parent directories?

On Python ≥ 3.5, use pathlib.Path.mkdir: from pathlib import Path Path(“/my/directory”).mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) For older versions of Python, I see two answers with good qualities, each with a small flaw, so I will give my take on it: Try os.path.exists, and consider os.makedirs for the creation. import os if not os.path.exists(directory): os.makedirs(directory) As noted in comments … Read more

How can I get WinForms to stop silently ignoring unhandled exceptions?

In your Program.cs’ Main function you should also ensure that you’ve wrapped your call to open the form in a try/catch. Additionally use the AppDomain.UnhandledException to catch exceptions. We also add Application.ThreadException too. I believe the following will give you hooks into all the exceptions that can be thrown… static void Main() { try { … Read more

What happens if a constructor throws an exception?

No, throwing an exception is the best way to signal an error during object construction. (Since there’s no return value, there’s no other way, other than constructing a headless object, which is bad style in C++.) From the man himself, Bjarne Stroustrup: (If you are working in a project where exceptions aren’t allowed, then … Read more

Reflection MethodInfo.Invoke() catch exceptions from inside the method

EDIT: As I understand your issue, the problem is purely an IDE one; you don’t like VS treating the exception thrown by the invocation of the MethodInfo as uncaught, when it clearly isn’t. You can read about how to resolve this problem here: Why is TargetInvocationException treated as uncaught by the IDE? It appears to … Read more

Close resource quietly using try-with-resources

I found this answered on the coin-dev mailing list: 5. Some failures of the close method can be safely ignored (e.g., closing a file that was open for read). Does the construct provide for this? No. While this functionality seems attractive, it is not clear that it’s worth the added complexity. As a practical … Read more

How can I determine which exceptions can be thrown by a given method?

Following up to my previous answer, I’ve managed to create a basic exception finder. It utilises a reflection-based ILReader class, available here on Haibo Luo’s MSDN blog. (Just add a reference to the project.) Updates: Now handles local variables and the stack. Correctly detects exceptions returned from method calls or fields and later thrown. Now … Read more