How to set Custom height for Widget in GridView in Flutter?

The key is the childAspectRatio. This value is use to determine the layout in GridView. In order to get the desired aspect you have to set it to the (itemWidth / itemHeight). The solution would be this: class MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget { MyHomePage({Key key, this.title}) : super(key: key); final String title; @override _MyHomePageState createState() => … Read more

Calculate exact character\string height in javascript

Width is easy: canvas’s context has a built in metric for measuring text width. // this will measure text width context.font=”14pt Verdana”; var m=context.measureText(yourText); var theWidth=m.width; Height is more difficult because measureText doesn’t compute height. You can often use the font size to approximate the height–that’s what I do. But if you really need more … Read more

Make text height 100% of div?

To get the result I wanted, I had to use this code: // Cache the div so that the browser doesn’t have to find it every time the window is resized. var $div = $(‘li.leaf.item’); // Run the following when the window is resized, and also trigger it once to begin with. $(window).resize(function () { … Read more

Set div height equal to screen size

Using CSS {height: 100%;} matches the height of the parent. This could be anything, meaning smaller or bigger than the screen. Using {height: 100vh;} matches the height of the viewport. .container { height: 100vh; overflow: auto; } According to Mozilla’s official documents, 1vh is: Equal to 1% of the height of the viewport’s initial containing … Read more

How do I get the height of a div’s full content with jQuery?

scrollHeight is a property of a DOM object, not a function: Height of the scroll view of an element; it includes the element padding but not its margin. Given this: <div id=”x” style=”height: 100px; overflow: hidden;”> <div style=”height: 200px;”> pancakes </div> </div> This yields 200: $(‘#x’)[0].scrollHeight For example: (run with the JavaScript console open).