Repeat whole row N times based on column value in Google Sheets

Give a try on below formula- =INDEX(SPLIT(FLATTEN(SPLIT(JOIN(“”,INDEX(REPT(BYROW(A2:D3,LAMBDA(x,TEXTJOIN(“|”,0,x)))&”@”,E2:E3))),”@”)),”|”)) To make it dynamic spill array, use- =INDEX(SPLIT(FLATTEN(SPLIT(JOIN(“”,INDEX(REPT(BYROW(A2:INDEX(D2:D,MATCH(“zzz”,D2:D)),LAMBDA(x,TEXTJOIN(“|”,0,x)))&”@”,E2:INDEX(E2:E,MATCH(9^9,E2:E))))),”@”)),”|”))

ARRAY_LITERAL, an Array Literal was missing values for one or more rows

…understanding the ARRAY_LITERAL ERROR: until both queries/filters/formulas output something then all is good: however if one of those queries/filters/formulas doesn’t have anything to output it outputs #N/A – No matches are found in QUERY/FILTER evaluation. – the issue is that #N/A is only in the 1st cell: but array expects that matrix on both sides … Read more

What are some use cases for SpreadsheetApp.flush()?

A programmer will use flush() when they want to ensure that the previous code’s output and/or effects are written to the spreadsheet before continuing. If you do not flush(), then the code may be automatically “optimized” by using some built-in caching and bundling of operations. In general, you do not need to use flush() until … Read more

e.range.getA1Notation() unable to track changes caused by formula update

onEdit(e) Trigger(Both simple and Installable) will not trigger unless a human explicitly edits the file. In your case, Your seem to be getting value from an external source (specifically, Google finance data). Script executions and API requests do not cause triggers to run. For example, calling FormResponse.submit() to submit a new form response does not … Read more

If value is true in Column A, set Column C one higher

Array Structure: A1:A4 rangeValues will look like this: [ [A1], [A2], [A3], [A4] ] rangeValues[0] is the array: [A1] rangeValues[1] is the array: [A2] rangeValues[0][0] is the element/value: A1 rangeValues[0][1] is value: undefined A1:B4 rangeValues will look like this: [ [A1,B1], [A2,B2], [A3,B3], [A4,B4] ] Now, rangeValues[0] is array: [A1,B1] rangeValues[0][0] is element/value: A1 rangeValues[0][1] … Read more

Best Practices for Multiple OnEdit Functions

Notes: There can only be one function with a same name. If there are two, the latter will overwrite the former. It’s like the former never existed. A function named onEdit is triggered automatically on (You guessed it!)edit There’s no simple trigger for other names like onEdit1 or onEdit2…. Simple triggers are limited to 30 … Read more