GCC: Array type has incomplete element type

It’s the array that’s causing trouble in: void print_graph(g_node graph_node[], double weight[][], int nodes); The second and subsequent dimensions must be given: void print_graph(g_node graph_node[], double weight[][32], int nodes); Or you can just give a pointer to pointer: void print_graph(g_node graph_node[], double **weight, int nodes); However, although they look similar, those are very different internally. … Read more

Compare two 2D arrays & get intersection and differences

Convert arrays to a format, where array index is the sight_id: $b1 =array(); foreach($a1 as $x) $b1[$x[‘sight_id’]] = $x[‘location’]; $b2 =array(); foreach($a2 as $x) $b2[$x[‘sight_id’]] = $x[‘location’]; Calculate the differences and intersection: $c_intersect = array_intersect_key($b1,$b2); $c_1 = array_diff_key($b1,$b2); $c_2 = array_diff_key($b2,$b1); Convert arrays back to your format: $intersect_array = array(); foreach($c_intersect as $i=>$v) $intersect_array[] = … Read more

Sorting multidim array: prioritize if column contains substring, then order by a second column

Personally, I would use a custom (anonymous) function in conjunction with usort(). EDIT: Re – your comment. Hopefully this will put you on the right track. This function gives equal priority to elements which both have EN or neither have EN, or adjusted priority when just one has EN. usort($array,function ($a, $b) { $ac = … Read more

How to remove duplicates from a two-dimensional array? [closed]

arr = [[7,3], [7,3], [3,8], [7,3], [7,3], [1,2]]; function multiDimensionalUnique(arr) { var uniques = []; var itemsFound = {}; for(var i = 0, l = arr.length; i < l; i++) { var stringified = JSON.stringify(arr[i]); if(itemsFound[stringified]) { continue; } uniques.push(arr[i]); itemsFound[stringified] = true; } return uniques; } multiDimensionalUnique(arr); Explaination: Like you had mentioned, the other … Read more