Sorting int array in descending order [duplicate]

For primitive array types, you would have to write a reverse sort algorithm:

Alternatively, you can convert your int[] to Integer[] and write a comparator:

public class IntegerComparator implements Comparator<Integer> {

    public int compare(Integer o1, Integer o2) {
        return o2.compareTo(o1);

or use Collections.reverseOrder() since it only works on non-primitive array types.

and finally,

Integer[] a2 = convertPrimitiveArrayToBoxableTypeArray(a1);
Arrays.sort(a2, new IntegerComparator()); // OR
// Arrays.sort(a2, Collections.reverseOrder());

//Unbox the array to primitive type
a1 = convertBoxableTypeArrayToPrimitiveTypeArray(a2);

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