How do you change the default widget for all Django date fields in a ModelForm?

You can declare an attribute on your ModelForm class, called formfield_callback. This should be a function which takes a Django model Field instance as an argument, and returns a form Field instance to represent it in the form.

Then all you have to do is look to see if the model field passed in is an instance of DateField and, if so, return your custom field/widget. If not, the model field will have a method named formfield that you can call to return its default form field.

So, something like:

def make_custom_datefield(f):
    if isinstance(f, models.DateField):
        # return form field with your custom widget here...
        return f.formfield(**kwargs)

class SomeForm(forms.ModelForm)
    formfield_callback = make_custom_datefield

    class Meta:
        # normal modelform stuff here...

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