UNITY: Google Play Authentication failed when download from Google Play store

Thanks Github issues, I had finally solve the solution. The problem is happen with Google app sign in.

From https://github.com/playgameservices/play-games-plugin-for-unity/issues/1754#issuecomment-304581707

What I did:

Google Play Console -> Select your app -> Release Management -> App signing -> App signing certificate : copy SHA-1 (dont copy word ‘SHA1:’)

open console.developers.google.com , select your project -> credentials -> OAuth 2.0 client IDs -> Edit OAuth client -> Signing-certificate fingerprint -> replace the old SHA1 with copied SHA1 ->save.

open you game, you should get sign in -> email selection -> select testers email. Google Play Games Services should work fine now.

and here is blog in case someone need it.


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