How can I properly install Win32::GuiTest?

Update: Given that you get Error: No valid repositories, clearly you have somehow borked your ppm configuration. Add some repositories.

Original answer:

Use ppm to install the module:

ppm install Win32::GuiTest
C:\Home> ppm install Win32::GuiTest
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist...done
Updating ActiveState Package Repository database...done
Downloading bribes packlist...done
Updating bribes database...done
Downloading trouchelle packlist...done
Updating trouchelle database...done
Downloading uwinnipeg packlist...not modified
Downloading wxperl packlist...done
Updating wxperl database...done
Downloading Win32-GuiTest-1.54...done
Unpacking Win32-GuiTest-1.54...done
Generating HTML for Win32-GuiTest-1.54...done
Updating files in site area...done
  15 files installed

If you want to download the latest and the greatest:

C:\Temp> wget
C:\Temp> tar -xzvf Win32-GuiTest-1.56.tar.gz
C:\Temp> cd Win32-GuiTest-1.56
C:\Temp\Win32-GuiTest-1.56> perl Makefile.PL
Set up gcc environment - 3.4.5 (mingw-vista special r3)
Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Writing Makefile for Win32::GuiTest
C:\Temp\Win32-GuiTest-1.56> dmake
C:\Temp\Win32-GuiTest-1.56> dmake test
C:\Temp\Win32-GuiTest-1.56> dmake install

You need to install mingw for this to work.

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