“Are you missing an assembly reference?” compile error – Visual Studio

In my case it was a project defined using Target Framework: “.NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile ” that tried to reference dll projects defined using Target Framework: “.NET Framework 4.0”. Once I changed the project settings to use Target Framework: “.NET Framework 4.0” everything was built nicely. Right Click the project->Properties->Application->Target Framework

How to write to error log file in PHP [closed]

If you don’t want to change anything in your php.ini file, according to PHP documentation, you can do this. error_log(“Error message\n”, 3, “/mypath/php.log”); The first parameter is the string to be sent to the log. The second parameter 3 means expect a file destination. The third parameter is the log file path.

How can I conditionally provide a default reference without performing unnecessary computation when it isn’t used?

You don’t have to create the default vector if you don’t use it. You just have to ensure the declaration is done outside the if block. fn accept(input: &Vec<String>) { let def; let vec = if input.is_empty() { def = vec![“empty”.to_string()]; &def } else { input }; // … do something with `vec` } Note … Read more