How do you know if a user has paid for a subscription

That tutorial uses a deprecated SDK that only works with the previous version of PayPal Subscriptions. Do not follow anything in that tutorial, it is no good. For the current version of PayPal Subscriptions, the button described there will activate the subscription on the client side. You can instead set up your button and use … Read more

PayPal Transaction Search API: PERMISSION_DENIED, No Permission for the requested operation

You need the scope .. if it’s not there in the oauth2 response, double check your REST App’s permissions. Refreshing an access token Existing access tokens are cached for 9 hours–so if you already requested an API token and then just added this permission to your app, it can take up to 9 hours … Read more

Dynamic PayPal button generation – isn’t it very insecure?

You should use the PayPal Button API such as below: $sendPayData = array( “METHOD” => “BMCreateButton”, “VERSION” => “65.2”, “USER” => “username”, “PWD” => “password”, “SIGNATURE” => “abcdefg”, “BUTTONCODE” => “ENCRYPTED”, “BUTTONTYPE” => “BUYNOW”, “BUTTONSUBTYPE” => “SERVICES”, “BUTTONCOUNTRY” => “GB”, “BUTTONIMAGE” => “reg”, “BUYNOWTEXT” => “BUYNOW”, “L_BUTTONVAR1” => “item_number=$invoiceNumber”, “L_BUTTONVAR2” => “item_name=$invoiceType”, “L_BUTTONVAR3” => “amount=$invoiceTotal”, … Read more

Submit Multiple Forms With One Button

Have you tried to do it with $.ajax? You can add an foreach, or call another form on the Onsucces function. Another approach is changing all to one form with an array that points to the right “abstract” form: <form action=”” method=”post”> <input type=”text” name=”name[]”> <input type=”text” name=”example[]”> <input type=”text” name=”name[]”> <input type=”text” name=”example[]”> <input … Read more

Paypal REST API Adaptive / Multiple Payments (change payee)

Ok, after some extensive googling, I managed to find the answer here This general model enables us to easily add support for variety of payment models in the future (Parallel, Chained, etc). The Payee could be a funding instrument (like a Credit/Debit Card,) or a PayPal account (wallet) itself. The Payee could be set explicitly … Read more

If I use the PayPal gateway in my iPhone app, will Apple approve it? [closed]

After 4 months have passed I just want to inform you about the outcome of the discussed topic (at least for our company) : Since this questions has some meaning for our business I directly asked Apple ( in October ’11 before starting to implement the paypal API into our App: Dear review team, I … Read more

PayPal Smart Subscribe server side

I’m not aware of a demo sample, but the createSubscription portion can be be done via this API call: For subscriptions, by default the subscription will be activated automatically on approval, before onApprove is called. You can set the application_context -> user_action to something other than SUBSCRIBE_NOW if you want to show a review … Read more