Using DLLs in VBScript

Important: Both methods will work only if the DLL exposes a COM interface. If your dll is registered with the system, use CreateObject with it’s ProgID. Set myObject = CreateObject(“MyReallyCoolObject.HelloWorld”) myObject.Print If your object is not registered on the system, use GetObject with a path to the file containing your object. Make sure your object … Read more

What does Error-code 0xc0000135 (or -1073741515 Exit-code) mean when starting a Windows app?

From the ntstatus.h SDK header file: // // MessageId: STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND // // MessageText: // // The program can’t start because %hs is missing from your computer. // Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. // #define STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND ((NTSTATUS)0xC0000135L) // winnt The “try reinstalling the program” advice is solid, it is however up to you … Read more

Using a Qt-based DLL in a non-Qt application

Studying the Qt code it seems QCoreApplication is needed to dispatch system-wide messages such as timer events. Things like signal/slots and even QThreads do not depend on it unless they are related to those system-wide messages. Here is how I do this in a shared library (in a cross platform way using Qt itself) and … Read more

DLL References in Visual C++

You need to do a couple of things to use the library: Make sure that you have both the *.lib and the *.dll from the library you want to use. If you don’t have the *.lib, skip #2 Put a reference to the *.lib in the project. Right click the project name in the Solution … Read more

How to build a DLL version of libjpeg 9b?

Published builds (static / dynamic) on [GitHub]: CristiFati/Prebuilt-Binaries – (master) Prebuilt-Binaries/LibJPEG. Like almost all of the nowadays software, LibJPEG is also hosted on [GitHub]: winlibs/libjpeg – libjpeg-9b. I downloaded it from both places, did a comparison and only few minor differences (out of which none in the source code) popped up. I’m going to explain … Read more