3d GNUPLOT Animation With Multiple Graphs

I needed to switch it to all within one splot command like so: # define fixed axis-ranges # filename and n=number of lines of your data filedata=”Sun_t_v_state.dat” filedata2 = ‘Mercury_v_state.dat’ filedata3 = ‘Venus_t_v_state.dat’ filedata4 = ‘Earth_t_v_state.dat’ filedata5 = ‘Mars_t_v_state.dat’ filedata6 = ‘Jupiter_t_v_state.dat’ filedata7 = ‘Saturn_t_v_state.dat’ filedata8 = ‘Uranus_t_v_state.dat’ filedata9 = ‘Neptune_t_v_state.dat’ filedata10 = ‘Pluto_t_v_state.dat’ n … Read more

How to calculate Tangent and Binormal?

The relevant input data to your problem are the texture coordinates. Tangent and Binormal are vectors locally parallel to the object’s surface. And in the case of normal mapping they’re describing the local orientation of the normal texture. So you have to calculate the direction (in the model’s space) in which the texturing vectors point. … Read more

3D Line-Plane Intersection

Here is a Python example which finds the intersection of a line and a plane. Where the plane can be either a point and a normal, or a 4d vector (normal form), In the examples below (code for both is provided). Also note that this function calculates a value representing where the point is on … Read more