iTunes Connect API [closed]

Update 11/02/2018

On November/18, Apple finally released the Appstore Connect REST API. Referencing the Apple description:

TestFlight. Manage beta builds of your app, testers, and groups.

Users and Access. Send invitations for users to join your team. Adjust their level of access or remove users.

Reporting. Download sales and financial reports.

Update 10/03/2018

Good news on this one: on 2018 WWDC, Apple announced the Appstore Connect API – where you’ll be able to access almost everything related to your Appstore Connect management. You can see two related talks here and here.

The only curious thing is that its release date was supposed to be late this summer – so it’s probably delayed. Nonetheless we should be able to see a release soon.

Update 8/18/2016

Official Reporter tool from Apple

iTunes finally released an auto download tool as noted in the PDF

Here is the class file

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