How to set textbox value in jQuery?

I think you want to set the response of the call to the URL 'compz.php?prodid=' + x + '&qbuys=" + y as value of the textbox right? If so, you have to do something like:

$.get("compz.php?prodid=' + x + '&qbuys=" + y, function(data) {

Reference: get()

You have two errors in your code:

  • load() puts the HTML returned from the Ajax into the specified element:

    Load data from the server and place the returned HTML into the matched element.

    You cannot set the value of a textbox with that method.

  • $(selector).load() returns the a jQuery object. By default an object is converted to [object Object] when treated as string.

Further clarification:

Assuming your URL returns 5.

If your HTML looks like:

<div id="foo"></div>

then the result of


will be

<div id="foo">5</div>

But in your code, you have an input element. Theoretically (it is not valid HTML and does not work as you noticed), an equivalent call would result in

<input id="foo">5</input>

But you actually need

<input id="foo" value="5" />

Therefore, you cannot use load(). You have to use another method, get the response and set it as value yourself.

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