How to run a specific Android app using Terminal? [duplicate]

Use the cmd activity start-activity (or the alternative am start) command, which is a command-line interface to the ActivityManager. Use am to start activities as shown in this help:

$ adb shell am
usage: am [start|instrument]
       am start [-a <ACTION>] [-d <DATA_URI>] [-t <MIME_TYPE>]
                [-c <CATEGORY> [-c <CATEGORY>] ...]
                [-e <EXTRA_KEY> <EXTRA_VALUE> [-e <EXTRA_KEY> <EXTRA_VALUE> ...]
                [-n <COMPONENT>] [-D] [<URI>]

For example, to start the Contacts application, and supposing you know only the package name but not the Activity, you can use

$ comp=$(adb shell cmd package resolve-activity --brief -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER $pkg | tail -1)
$ adb shell cmd activity start-activity $comp

or the alternative

$ adb shell am start -n $comp

See also (may be a copy of obsolete url : ) for other details.

To terminate the application you can use

$ adb shell am kill

or the more drastic

$ adb shell am force-stop

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