How do I use jQuery’s form.serialize but exclude empty fields

I’ve been looking over the jQuery docs and I think we can do this in one line using selectors:

$("#myForm :input[value!='']").serialize() // does the job!

Obviously #myForm gets the element with id “myForm” but what was less obvious to me at first was that the space character is needed between #myForm and :input as it is the descendant operator.

:input matches all input, textarea, select and button elements.

[value!=”] is an attribute not equal filter. The weird (and helpful) thing is that all :input element types have value attributes even selects and checkboxes etc.

Finally to also remove inputs where the value was ‘.’ (as mentioned in the question):

$("#myForm :input[value!=''][value!='.']").serialize()

In this case juxtaposition, ie placing two attribute selectors next to each other, implies an AND. Using a comma implies an OR. Sorry if that’s obvious to CSS people!

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