Why does summarize or mutate not work with group_by when I load `plyr` after `dplyr`?

The problem here is that you are loading dplyr first and then plyr, so plyr’s function summarise is masking dplyr’s function summarise. When that happens you get this warning:

    Loading required package: plyr
You have loaded plyr after dplyr - this is likely to cause problems.
If you need functions from both plyr and dplyr, please load plyr first, then dplyr:
library(plyr); library(dplyr)

Attaching package: ‘plyr’

The following objects are masked from ‘package:dplyr’:

    arrange, desc, failwith, id, mutate, summarise, summarize

So in order for your code to work, either detach plyr detach(package:plyr) or restart R and load plyr first and then dplyr (or load only dplyr):

dfx %>% group_by(group, sex) %>% 
  summarise(mean = round(mean(age), 2), sd = round(sd(age), 2))
Source: local data frame [6 x 4]
Groups: group

  group sex  mean    sd
1     A   F 41.51  8.24
2     A   M 32.23 11.85
3     B   F 38.79 11.93
4     B   M 31.00  7.92
5     C   F 24.97  7.46
6     C   M 36.17  9.11

Or you can explicitly call dplyr’s summarise in your code, so the right function will be called no matter how you load the packages:

dfx %>% group_by(group, sex) %>% 
  dplyr::summarise(mean = round(mean(age), 2), sd = round(sd(age), 2))

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