When does the Apache Kafka client throw a “Batch Expired” exception?

This exception indicates you are queueing records at a faster rate than they can be sent.

When you call the send method, the ProducerRecord will be stored in an internal buffer for sending to the broker. The method returns immediately once the ProducerRecord has been buffered, regardless of whether it has been sent.

Records are grouped into batches for sending to the broker, to reduce the transport overheard per message and increase throughput.

Once a record is added a batch, there is a time limit for sending that batch to ensure it has been sent within a specified duration. This is controlled by the Producer configuration parameter, request.timeout.ms, which defaults to thirty seconds.

If the batch has been queued longer than the timeout limit, the exception will be thrown. Records in that batch will be removed from the send queue.

Increasing the timeout limit, using the configuration parameter, will allow the client to queue batches for longer before expiring.

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