Visual Studio Code Search and Replace with Regular Expressions

So, your goal is to search and replace?
According to Visual Studio Code’s keyboard shortcuts PDF, you can press Ctrl + H on Windows and Linux, or ⌥⌘F on Mac to enable the search and replace tool:

Visual studio code's search & replace tab
If you mean to disable the code, you just have to put <h1> in search, and replace to ####.

But if you want to use this regex instead, you may enable it in the icon: .* and use the regex: <h1>(.+?)<\/h1> and replace to: #### $1.

And as @tpartee suggested, here is some more information about Visual Studio’s engine if you would like to learn more:

  • Find and Replace Window (documentation)
  • Quick Replace, Find and Replace Window (documentation)
  • What flavor of Regex does Visual Studio Code use?

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