Tiled drawable sometimes stretches

I also got bitten by this problem. Very hard to diagnose, even harder to find similar reports and usable solutions.

“Tapas” on the freenode #android-dev irc channel came with the following utility method:

public static void fixBackgroundRepeat(View view) {
    Drawable bg = view.getBackground();
    if (bg != null) {
        if (bg instanceof BitmapDrawable) {
            BitmapDrawable bmp = (BitmapDrawable) bg;
            bmp.mutate(); // make sure that we aren't sharing state anymore
            bmp.setTileModeXY(TileMode.REPEAT, TileMode.REPEAT);

Apply it to all Views that have a tiled background set (e.g. findViewById them).

Also, I have the impression this bug started acting up after setting “anyDensity=true” in AndroidManifest.xml

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