The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form

You need to add the _token in your form i.e

{{ form_row(form._token) }}

As of now your form is missing the CSRF token field. If you use the twig form functions to render your form like form(form) this will automatically render the CSRF token field for you, but your code shows you are rendering your form with raw HTML like <form></form>, so you have to manually render the field.

Or, simply add {{ form_rest(form) }} before the closing tag of the form.

According to docs

This renders all fields that have not yet been rendered for the given
form. It’s a good idea to always have this somewhere inside your form
as it’ll render hidden fields for you and make any fields you forgot
to render more obvious (since it’ll render the field for you).

form_rest(view, variables)

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