tar: file changed as we read it

I also encounter the tar messages “changed as we read it”. For me these message occurred when I was making tar file of Linux file system in bitbake build environment. This error was sporadic.

For me this was not due to creating tar file from the same directory. I am assuming there is actually some file overwritten or changed during tar file creation.

The message is a warning and it still creates the tar file. We can still suppress these warning message by setting option



Still the exit code return by the tar is “1” in warning message case:

So if we are calling the tar file from some function in scripts, we can handle the exit code something like this:

set +e 
tar -czf sample.tar.gz dir1 dir2

if [ "$exitcode" != "1" ] && [ "$exitcode" != "0" ]; then
    exit $exitcode
set -e

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