Function and variable with the same name

In JavaScript, function definitions are hoisted to the top of the current scope. Your example code therefore reads as: var overlapping = function() { return ‘this is a function definition’ }; var overlapping = function() { return ‘this is a var holding an anonymous function’ }; This is some good read about this topic:

What is the decimal separator symbol in JavaScript?

According to the specification, a DecimalLiteral is defined as: DecimalLiteral :: DecimalIntegerLiteral . DecimalDigitsopt ExponentPartopt . DecimalDigits ExponentPartopt DecimalIntegerLiteral ExponentPartopt and for satisfying the parseFloat argument: Let inputString be ToString(string). Let trimmedString be a substring of inputString consisting of the leftmost character that is not a StrWhiteSpaceChar and all characters to the right of that … Read more