What is the maximum recursion depth, and how to increase it?

It is a guard against a stack overflow, yes. Python (or rather, the CPython implementation) doesn’t optimize tail recursion, and unbridled recursion causes stack overflows. You can check the recursion limit with sys.getrecursionlimit: import sys print(sys.getrecursionlimit()) and change the recursion limit with sys.setrecursionlimit: sys.setrecursionlimit(1500) but doing so is dangerous — the standard limit is a … Read more

Max recursion is not exactly what sys.getrecursionlimit() claims. How come?

The recursion limit is not the limit on recursion but the maximum depth of the python interpreter stack.There is something on the stack before your function gets executed. Spyder executes some python stuff before it calls your script, as do other interpreters like ipython. You can inspect the stack via methods in the inspect module. … Read more

Breaking out of a recursion in java

No matter what you do, you are going to have to unwind the stack. This leaves two options: Magic return value (as described by one of the Toms) Throw an exception (as mentioned by thaggie) If the case where you want things to die is rare, this may be one of those situations where throwing … Read more

Could not write JSON: Infinite recursion (StackOverflowError); nested exception spring boot

You are facing this issue because the Statemaster model contains the object of Districtmaster model, which itself contains the object of Statemaster model. This causes an infinite json recursion. You can solve this issue by 3 methods. 1 – Create a DTO and include only the fields that you want to display in the response. … Read more

How do you recursively unzip archives in a directory and its subdirectories from the Unix command-line?

If you want to extract the files to the respective folder you can try this find . -name “*.zip” | while read filename; do unzip -o -d “`dirname “$filename”`” “$filename”; done; A multi-processed version for systems that can handle high I/O: find . -name “*.zip” | xargs -P 5 -I fileName sh -c ‘unzip -o … Read more

How to render a tree in Twig

I played around with domi27’s idea and came up with this. I made a nested array as my tree, [‘link’][‘sublinks’] is null or another array of more of the same. Templates The sub-template file to recurse with: <!–includes/menu-links.html–> {% for link in links %} <li> <a href=”https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8326482/{{ link.href }}”>{{ link.name }}</a> {% if link.sublinks %} … Read more