Get claims from a WebAPI Controller – JWT Token,

You should be able to retrieve a claims like this within your controller var identity = HttpContext.User.Identity as ClaimsIdentity; if (identity != null) { IEnumerable<Claim> claims = identity.Claims; // or identity.FindFirst(“ClaimName”).Value; } If you wanted, you could write extension methods for the IPrincipal interface and retrieve claims using the code above, then retrieve them using … Read more

JWT on .NET Core 2.0

Here is a full working minimal sample with a controller. I hope you can check it using Postman or JavaScript call. appsettings.json, appsettings.Development.json. Add a section. Note, Key should be rather long and Issuer is an address of the service: … ,”Tokens”: { “Key”: “Rather_very_long_key”, “Issuer”: “http://localhost:56268/” } … !!! In real project, don’t keep … Read more

What is the maximum size of JWT token?

I’ve also been trying to find this. I’d say – try and ensure it’s below 7kb. Whilst JWT defines no upper limit in the spec ( we do have some operational limits. As a JWT is included in a HTTP header, we’ve an upper limit (SO: Maximum on http header values) of 8K on the … Read more

JSON Web Token (JWT) with Spring based SockJS / STOMP Web Socket

Current Situation UPDATE 2016-12-13 : the issue referenced below is now marked fixed, so the hack below is no longer necessary which Spring 4.3.5 or above. See Previous Situation Currently (Sep 2016), this is not supported by Spring except via query parameter as answered by @rossen-stoyanchev, who wrote a lot (all?) of the Spring … Read more