How do I enable upload of large files in classic ASP on IIS 7?

The maxAllowedContentLength controls how much data is allowed to be sent in a response. However you want to control how much can be accepted in a request. This is handled by the maxRequestEntityAllowed attribute of the limits element in the asp section of the config file. An example might look like:- <system.webServer> <asp> <cache diskTemplateCacheDirectory=”%SystemDrive%\inetpub\temp\ASP … Read more

Programmatically create a web site in IIS using C# and set port number

If you’re using IIS 7, there is a new managed API called Microsoft.Web.Administration An example from the above blog post: ServerManager iisManager = new ServerManager(); iisManager.Sites.Add(“NewSite”, “http”, “*:8080:”, “d:\\MySite”); iisManager.CommitChanges(); If you’re using IIS 6 and want to do this, it’s more complex unfortunately. You will have to create a web service on every server, … Read more

HTTP Error 500.22 – Internal Server Error (An ASP.NET setting has been detected that does not apply in Integrated managed pipeline mode.)

This issue is caused by the pipeline mode in your Application Pool setting that your web site is set to. Short Simple way Change the Application Pool mode to one that has Classic pipeline enabled. Correct way Your web.config / web app will need to be altered to support Integrated pipelines. Normally this is as … Read more

Python on IIS: how?

I just did this in 5 minutes. Ensure you have IIS. run: %windir%\system32\OptionalFeatures.exe. Or, via pointy-clicky: Start…Control Panel…Programs and Features… (and then on the left hand side) Turn Windows Features on or Off. Make sure CGI is installed, under the IIS node. Download Python for Windows, from . I grabbed Python2.7. Make sure you … Read more