How effective is the honeypot technique against spam?

Old question, but I thought I’d chime in, as I’ve been maintaining a module for Drupal (Honeypot), which uses the Honeypot spam prevention method alongside a time-based protection (users can’t submit form in less than X seconds, and X increases exponentially with each consecutive failed submission). Using these two methods, I have heard of many, … Read more

Better Honeypot Implementation (Form Anti-Spam)

Concept By adding a invisible field to your forms that only spambots can see, you can trick them into revealing that they are spambots and not actual end-users. HTML <input type=”checkbox” name=”contact_me_by_fax_only” value=”1″ style=”display:none !important” tabindex=”-1″ autocomplete=”off”> Here we have a simple checkbox that: Is hidden with CSS. Has an obscure but obviously fake name. … Read more