Spring injection Into Servlet

I wanted to leverage on the solution provided by Sotirios Delimanolis but adding transparent autowiring to the mix. The idea is to turn plain servlets into autowire-aware objects. So I created a parent abstract servlet class that retrieves the Spring context, gets and autowiring-capable factory and uses that factory to autowire the servlet instances (the … Read more

Which Dependency Injection Tool Should I Use? [closed]

Having recently spiked the use of 6 of these (Windsor, Unity, Spring.Net, Autofac, Ninject, StructureMap) I can offer a quick summary of each, our selection criteria and our final choice. Note: we did not look at PicoContainer.Net as one of our team considered the .Net port to be quite poor from the Java version. We … Read more

Comparing Castle Windsor, Unity and StructureMap

See here and here for a pretty thorough technical comparison of several IoC containers, although somewhat outdated by now (they’re from before Windsor 2.0) However, I don’t think there are really any vital features that Windsor offers and other containers don’t. Windsor, StructureMap, Spring.NET have all been around for several years and have been used … Read more