Why do two strings separated by space concatenate in Ruby?

In C and C++, string literals next to each other are concatenated. As these languages influenced Ruby, I’d guess it inherits from there. And it is documented in Ruby now: see this answer and this page in the Ruby repo which states: Adjacent string literals are automatically concatenated by the interpreter: “con” “cat” “en” “at” … Read more

Concatenating multiple rows into single line in MS Access [duplicate]

I used a subquery for the GROUP BY which computes the Sum of Err for each group. Then I added the ConcatRelated function (from Allen Browne) with the fields returned by the subquery. This is the query and the output (based on your sample data in make_table_bp) from the query: SELECT sub.[Name], sub.Cat, sub.[Desc], sub.Thresh, … Read more