Are defaults in JDK 8 a form of multiple inheritance in Java?

The answer to the duplicate operation is: To solve multiple inheritance issue a class implementing two interfaces providing a default implementation for the same method name and signature must provide an implementation of the method. [Full Article] My answer to your question is: Yes, it is a form of multiple inheritance, because you can inherit … Read more

Weird closure behavior in python

As @thg435 points out, a lambda will not encapsulate the values at that moment, but rather the scope. There are too small ways you can address this: lambda default argument “hack” [ lambda v=i: v for i in [ 1, 2, 3 ] ] Or use functools.partial from functools import partial [ partial(lambda v: v, … Read more

PHP 5.4 – ‘closure $this support’

This was already planned for PHP 5.3, but For PHP 5.3 $this support for Closures was removed because no consensus could be reached how to implement it in a sane fashion. This RFC describes the possible roads that can be taken to implement it in the next PHP version. It indeed means you can refer … Read more

Javascript closures – variable scope question

Its because at the time is evaluated, the loop would have completed in its entirety. Instead, you can do this with a closure: for (var i = 0; i < helpText.length; i++) { document.getElementById(helpText[i].id).onfocus = function(item) { return function() {showHelp(;}; }(helpText[i]); } JavaScript doesn’t have block scope but it does have function-scope. By creating … Read more