Add lefthand margin to UITextField

You can do it by extending UITextField class and overriding two methods: – (CGRect)textRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds; – (CGRect)editingRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds; Here is the code: The interface in MYTextField.h @interface MYTextField : UITextField @end Its implementation in MYTextField.m @implementation MYTextField static CGFloat leftMargin = 28; – (CGRect)textRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds { bounds.origin.x += leftMargin; return bounds; } – (CGRect)editingRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds { bounds.origin.x += leftMargin; … Read more

why is data structure alignment important for performance?

Alignment helps the CPU fetch data from memory in an efficient manner: less cache miss/flush, less bus transactions etc. Some memory types (e.g. RDRAM, DRAM etc.) need to be accessed in a structured manner (aligned “words” and in “burst transactions” i.e. many words at one time) in order to yield efficient results. This is due … Read more

CSS align images and text on same line

You can either use (on the h4 elements, as they are block by default) display: inline-block; Or you can float the elements to the left/rght float: left; Just don’t forget to clear the floats after clear: left; More visual example for the float left/right option as shared below by @VSB: <h4> <div style=”float:left;”>Left Text</div> <div … Read more

How to align the text to center of cells in a QTableWidget

This line of code: item = QTableWidgetItem(scraped_age).setTextAlignment(Qt.AlignHCenter) will not work properly, because it throws away the item it creates before assigning it to the variable. The variable will in fact be set to None, which is the return value of setTextAlignment(). Instead, you must do this: item = QTableWidgetItem(scraped_age) # create the item item.setTextAlignment(Qt.AlignHCenter) # … Read more

How to align a pointer in C

Arrays are NOT pointers, despite anything you may have read in misguided answers here (meaning this question in particular or Stack Overflow in general — or anywhere else). You cannot alter the value represented by the name of an array as shown. What is confusing, perhaps, is that if ary is a function parameter, it will … Read more

Vertical and horizontal align (middle and center) with CSS [duplicate]

There are many methods : Center horizontal and vertical align of an element with fixed measure CSS <div style=”width:200px;height:100px;position:absolute;left:50%;top:50%; margin-left:-100px;margin-top:-50px;”> <!–content–> </div> 2 . Center horizontally and vertically a single line of text CSS <div style=”width:400px;height:200px;text-align:center;line-height:200px;”> <!–content–> </div> 3 . Center horizontal and vertical align of an element with no specific measure CSS <div style=”display:table;height:300px;text-align:center;”> … Read more

Center form submit buttons HTML / CSS i just wrapped a div around them and made it align center. then you don’t need any css on the buttons to center them. <div class=”buttonHolder”> <input value=”Search” title=”Search” type=”submit” id=”btn_s”> <input value=”I’m Feeling Lucky” title=”I’m Feeling Lucky” name=”lucky” type=”submit” id=”btn_i”> </div> .buttonHolder{ text-align: center; }

CSS: Center block, but align contents to the left

First, create a parent div that centers its child content with text-align: center. Next, create a child div that uses display: inline-block to adapt to the width of its children and text-align: left to make the content it holds align to the left as desired. <div style=”text-align: center;”> <div style=”display: inline-block; text-align: left;”> Centered<br /> … Read more