Specify return type in TypeScript arrow function

First, consider the following notation from your original question:

export const addTodo3 = (text: string) => <AddTodoAction>({
    type: "ADD_TODO",

Using this notation, you typecast the returned object to the type AddTodoAction. However, the function’s declared return type is still undefined (and the compiler will implicitly assume any as return type).

Use the following notation instead:

export const addTodo3 = (text: string): AddTodoAction => ({
    type: "ADD_TODO",
    text: text

In this case, omitting a required property will yield the expected compiler error. For example, omitting the text property will generate the following (desired) error:

Type '{ type: "ADD_TODO"; }' is not assignable to type 'TodoAction'.
  Type '{ type: "ADD_TODO"; }' is not assignable to type 'DeleteTodoAction'.
    Types of property 'type' are incompatible.
      Type '"ADD_TODO"' is not assignable to type '"DELETE_TODO"'.

Also see the playground example.

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