SecItemAdd and SecItemCopyMatching returns error code -34018 (errSecMissingEntitlement)

iOS 10 / XCode 8 Fix:

Add KeyChain Entitlement, Go to project
settings->Capabilities->Keychain Sharing->Add Keychain Groups+Turn On

An answer here, from Apple:

UPDATE: We have finally been able to reproduce the -34018 error on iOS
8.3. This is the first step in identifying the root cause and then coming up with a fix.

As usual, we can’t commit to a release timeframe, but this has
affected many developers and we really want to get this resolved.

Earlier I suggested adding a small delay in
application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions and
applicationDidBecomeActive: before accessing the keychain as a
workaround. However, that doesn’t actually appear to help. That means
that there’s no known workaround at this time other than relaunching
the app.

The issue appears to be related to memory pressure, so perhaps being
more aggressive in handling memory warnings may alleviate the problem


OK, here’s the latest.
This is a complex problem with multiple
possible causes:

  • Some instances of the problem are caused by incorrect
    app signing. You can easily distinguish this case because the problem
    is 100% reproducible.
  • Some instances of the problem are caused by a
    bug in how iOS supports app development (r. 23,991,853). Debugging
    this was complicated by the fact that another bug in the OS (r.
    23,770,418) masked its effect, meaning the problem only cropped up
    when the device was under memory pressure. We believe these problems
    were resolved in iOS 9.3.
  • We suspect that there may be yet more causes
    of this problem.

So, if you see this problem on a user device (one
that hasn’t been talked to by Xcode) that’s running iOS 9.3 or later,
please do file a bug report about it. Try to include the device
system log in your bug report (I realise that can be tricky when
dealing with customer devices; one option is to ask the customer to
install Apple Configurator, which lets them view the system log). And
if you do file a bug, please post your bug number, just for the

On behalf of Apple I’d like to thank everyone for their
efforts in helping to track down this rather horrid issue. Share and

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