Rolling Mean on pandas on a specific column

To assign a column, you can create a rolling object based on your Series:

df['new_col'] = data['column'].rolling(5).mean()

The answer posted by ac2001 is not the most performant way of doing this. He is calculating a rolling mean on every column in the dataframe, then he is assigning the “ma” column using the “pop” column. The first method of the following is much more efficient:

%timeit df['ma'] = data['pop'].rolling(5).mean()
%timeit df['ma_2'] = data.rolling(5).mean()['pop']

1000 loops, best of 3: 497 ┬Ás per loop
100 loops, best of 3: 2.6 ms per loop

I would not recommend using the second method unless you need to store computed rolling means on all other columns.

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