Qt – Determine absolute widget and cursor position

As already said you should rather use targetWidget->geometry() instead of contentsRect() in this special case.

Next I wonder which class the code you posted belongs to. The method QWidget::mapToGlobal() should be invoked from the QWidget your coordinates are relative to. If I got you right, it should look like something like this:

QRect widgetRect = targetWidget->geometry();

Then note QCursor::pos() is already returning global screen coordinates, so no need to map anything here:

if (widgetRect.contains(QCursor::pos())) {
    /* swap widgets */

EDIT: Probably it’s even better to not map the rect to global, but to map the global cursor position to the widget:

if (targetWidget->rect().contains(targetWidget->mapFromGlobal(QCursor::pos()))) {
    /* do stuff */

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