Python progress bar and downloads

I’ve just written a super simple (slightly hacky) approach to this for scraping PDFs off a certain site. Note, it only works correctly on Unix based systems (Linux, mac os) as PowerShell does not handle "\r":

import sys
import requests

link = "http://indy/abcde1245"
file_name = ""
with open(file_name, "wb") as f:
    print("Downloading %s" % file_name)
    response = requests.get(link, stream=True)
    total_length = response.headers.get('content-length')

    if total_length is None: # no content length header
        dl = 0
        total_length = int(total_length)
        for data in response.iter_content(chunk_size=4096):
            dl += len(data)
            done = int(50 * dl / total_length)
            sys.stdout.write("\r[%s%s]" % ('=' * done, ' ' * (50-done)) )    

It uses the requests library so you’ll need to install that. This outputs something like the following into your console:


>[=============                            ]

The progress bar is 52 characters wide in the script (2 characters are simply the [] so 50 characters of progress). Each = represents 2% of the download.

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