pyspark: count distinct over a window

EDIT: as noleto mentions in his answer below, there is now approx_count_distinct available since PySpark 2.1 that works over a window.

Original answer – exact distinct count (not an approximation)

We can use a combination of size and collect_set to mimic the functionality of countDistinct over a window:

from pyspark.sql import functions as F, Window

# Function to calculate number of seconds from number of days
days = lambda i: i * 86400

# Create some test data
df = spark.createDataFrame([(17, "2017-03-10T15:27:18+00:00", "orange"),
                    (13, "2017-03-15T12:27:18+00:00", "red"),
                    (25, "2017-03-18T11:27:18+00:00", "red")],
                    ["dollars", "timestampGMT", "color"])
# Convert string timestamp to timestamp type             
df = df.withColumn('timestampGMT', df.timestampGMT.cast('timestamp'))

# Create window by casting timestamp to long (number of seconds)
w = Window.orderBy(F.col("timestampGMT").cast('long')).rangeBetween(-days(7), 0)

# Use collect_set and size functions to perform countDistinct over a window
df = df.withColumn('distinct_color_count_over_the_last_week', F.size(F.collect_set("color").over(w)))

This results in the distinct count of color over the previous week of records:

|dollars|        timestampGMT| color|distinct_color_count_over_the_last_week|
|     17|2017-03-10 15:27:...|orange|                                      1|
|     13|2017-03-15 12:27:...|   red|                                      2|
|     25|2017-03-18 11:27:...|   red|                                      1|

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