Password strength checking library [closed]

Have a look at vt-password:

  • configurable, allowing the deployer to supply different dictionaries, adjust weights of different criteria, and so on – Partially (yes to configurable, dictionaries, no to weighted criteria)
  • extensible allowing new criteria to be implemented if required – Yes
  • implemented in pure Java – Yes (and decent javadoc)
  • not fundamentally intertwined with a tag libraries, UI components or “password management” functionality – Yes
  • compatible with a GPL 3 project – Yes (LGPLv3/APLv2 dual-licensed as of November 2013)
  • compatible with Spring wiring – Looks like
  • mavenized (ideally available through Maven Central) – Yes (in central since version 3.0)

Update by @Stephen C.

The guys who do vt-password have made a number of API improvements since the question was originally answered, and one of the outcomes is that the classes are much easier to configure using Spring IoC. They have also uploaded it to Maven Central:

Update 2020: vt-password has been replaced, sort of, by Passay

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