Passing a variable between Windows Forms forms

Pass any information you want to in to the constructor of Settings form, and provide accessor methods for things you need out of there.

public class SettingsForm : WinForm
    private string m_Data;
    private int m_nExample = 0;

    // ctor
    public SettingsForm(string _data)
        m_Data = data;  // you can now use this in SettingsForm
    } // eo ctor

    public int Example {get{return(m_nExample);} }
} // eo class SettingsForm

In the above “example” you can construct a SettingForm with a string and get at an integer it may use. In your code:

private void toolStripBtnSettings_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    PageInfoEventArgs args = new PageInfoEventArgs(SomeString);

    SettingsForm settingsForm = new SettingsForm("some data to pass");

    int result = settingsForm.Example; // retrieve integer that SettingsForm used

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