Pandas Dataframe: split column into multiple columns, right-align inconsistent cell entries

I’d do something like the following:

foo = lambda x: pd.Series([i for i in reversed(x.split(','))])
rev = df['City, State, Country'].apply(foo)
print rev

      0    1        2
0   HUN  NaN      NaN
1   ESP  NaN      NaN
2   GBR  NaN      NaN
3   ESP  NaN      NaN
4   FRA  NaN      NaN
5   USA   ID      NaN
6   USA   GA      NaN
7   USA   NJ  Hoboken
8   USA   NJ      NaN
9   AUS  NaN      NaN

I think that gets you what you want but if you also want to pretty things up and get a City, State, Country column order, you could add the following:

rev = rev[['City','State','Country']]
print rev

     City State Country
0      NaN   NaN     HUN
1      NaN   NaN     ESP
2      NaN   NaN     GBR
3      NaN   NaN     ESP
4      NaN   NaN     FRA
5      NaN    ID     USA
6      NaN    GA     USA
7  Hoboken    NJ     USA
8      NaN    NJ     USA
9      NaN   NaN     AUS

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