Pandas Dataframe Find Rows Where all Columns Equal

I think the cleanest way is to check all columns against the first column using eq:

In [11]: df
   a  b  c  d
0  C  C  C  C
1  C  C  A  A
2  A  A  A  A

In [12]: df.iloc[:, 0]
0    C
1    C
2    A
Name: a, dtype: object

In [13]: df.eq(df.iloc[:, 0], axis=0)
      a     b      c      d
0  True  True   True   True
1  True  True  False  False
2  True  True   True   True

Now you can use all (if they are all equal to the first item, they are all equal):

In [14]: df.eq(df.iloc[:, 0], axis=0).all(1)
0     True
1    False
2     True
dtype: bool

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