nodejs how to read keystrokes from stdin

For those finding this answer since this capability was stripped from tty, here’s how to get a raw character stream from stdin:

var stdin = process.stdin;

// without this, we would only get streams once enter is pressed
stdin.setRawMode( true );

// resume stdin in the parent process (node app won't quit all by itself
// unless an error or process.exit() happens)

// i don't want binary, do you?
stdin.setEncoding( 'utf8' );

// on any data into stdin
stdin.on( 'data', function( key ){
  // ctrl-c ( end of text )
  if ( key === '\u0003' ) {
  // write the key to stdout all normal like
  process.stdout.write( key );

pretty simple – basically just like process.stdin’s documentation but using setRawMode( true ) to get a raw stream, which is harder to identify in the documentation.

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